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Prateek is an IT professional by education but by passion; here are some of his key achievements: - Certified Fitness Trainer - Certified in Sports Nutrition - Certified Black Belt Dan-I in Taekwondo - Certified Life Coach - Ex-Fitness Consultant in Healthifyme - Gold medalist in the Open Taekwondo Corporate Championship held at District Level in Pune under the 66-75Kg Weight Category in 2016 - Intermediate Level in Boxing & Kickboxing - Competed in National and International Half Marathons - Certified in First Aid and CPR He started his fitness journey around 15 years back and understanding a common issue that people want to include fitness into their routine but fail to do so due to some or the other challenges, Prateek has written this book in layman's language explaining the science behind training and the art of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, to help people get direction in their fitness journey.