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Hi, I’m Quinto Lam. The author of the Edward Gate series.

I wrote a lot of stories when I was in primary school. However, before I graduated from primary school, there was a period when I stopped writing for 2 years. After that period I came up with a plot for an excellent story(Edward Gate) and wrote the first chapter the very next day. I sent it to my good friend Jayden to critique, and he gave me some ideas. Then I wrote the next day and asked him to rate it. Then it became a habit for me to ask him to rate my work every 1000 words. And that’s how he became one of the most important figures of Edward Gate.

I have an amazing second book planned and I cannot thank Jayden and the rest of my team enough. If you go to my website at edwardgate.com , you can see the other members of the Edward Gate Team and I cannot thank them enough. My life now consists of three things, studies, badminton, and Edward Gate. It may be dull, but I personally love it. Hope you enjoy this series!