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Renee Pace is the pen name of author Renee Field. Don't get confused when you visit her website as she's moved all her writing to one website to make her life easier(lol). is a proud Atlantic Canadian writer, who calls Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada home. She loves her son's dog (Bo) and treats him like a grandson and has an Abyssinian cat called Amaya, who rules the house. When the pandemic hit all four of her children came back to roost at home andshe was thankful. Renee grew up close to the Atlantic Ocean and the sea hasalways played a crucial role in her life. Renee is often made fun of fortalking to her plants and giving thanks to them when picking berries but she'sa firm believer everything living has feelings. When not writing, she's workingas a volunteer within her community (helping to form a community garden oraddressing issues for the area). Renee loves to read (usually five books amonth) and is always advocating for her fellow Atlantic Canadian writers.