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Rennie Du Plessis

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Dr Rennie Du Plessis has earned two PhD degrees; one in Theology and Religion and one in Counselling Psychology. A highly experienced instructor in practical, applicable biblical principles with a vast range of expertise, Dr Du Plessis has taught internationally at all levels; from foundational instruction through to specialized instruction to senior leaders, from recovering addicts to doctorate students. Dr Du Plessis' books are based on more than forty years in continuous study, research, writing and instructing to learners at all levels.

A love of asking the hard questions and exploring truth has resulted in many profound and amazing discoveries which are reflected in this book. There is an authoritative depth and clarity that comes from this breadth of knowledge, understanding and expertise and most importantly, from decades of practical experience. Dr Du Plessis draws insights from personal explorations of Religious Practices, Theology, Cognitive and Competency Developing, Cognitive Counselling, Temperament Diagnostics, Anthropology, and History to name a few disciplines.

These books are for real people living in the real world. This practicality is a reflection of Dr Du Plessis' extensive business experience: entrepreneur, multiple business owner, author, trainer, radio announcer, cognitive counsellor and international speaker. It brings a practical, workable aspect to all the training and writing. Dr Du Plessis conducts workshops, seminars, lectures internationally and has developed and created courses on the wide scope of living a life of possibility.

Dr Du Plessis loves educating and inspiring others to succeed and to live the life of their dreams and says, "Making our world a better place and helping people and businesses develop is a way of life to me. I passionately believe that each life can make a difference to the world and I put great emphasis on the personal development of the whole person. The potential in us excites me and is the passion behind my forty years of people development. It's an amazing adventure giving someone the power of knowledge that flips the switch and watching as they realise all the possibility and power residing inside them." The books by Dr Rennie Du Plessis are the distilled essence of all this passionate knowledge made available to you.