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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
BOOK DESCRIPTION: Amazon #1 Best seller. North Korea Deception is the story of British journalist Jack Steele, who travels to the Russian Far East to investigate the disappearance of two UN officials. Steele becomes embroiled in a secret Western plot to destroy a North Korean nuclear reactor along with one thousand innocent North Korean civilians. He faces an impossible choice: break the biggest news story since 9/11, or save a thousand North Korean lives and that of his wife, Sandy, who has been abducted in his absence. Steele encounters blackmail, suicide bombers, unwelcome romance, death and destruction, and incurs the wrath of British, US, Russian, and North Korean authorities, all of whom want him dead. Throughout his perilous assignment, he must battle with his restless inner self, as well as the twisted and ruthless external reality of international politics and diplomacy.BIO:Richard Lyntton is the author of North Korea Deception and Hyde Park Deception. He attended Exeter University, Moscow State Linguistic University, and Sandhurst. Richard served as a Captain and tank commander in the British Army in the first Gulf War; European Community Task Force Humanitarian Liaison in Russia; UNHCR Liaison Officer, and United Nations Military Observer in Sarajevo, Bosnia; and was a United Nations Television producer in former Yugoslavia. He was called to testify at the International War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague after witnessing and filming human rights atrocities and abuses in Bosnia. His films are archived at the Imperial War Museum, London.When he's not writing, Richard is a professional actor. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, interior designer Michelle Wenitsky, and their two sons.
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