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Richard Mowrey is a USA Today and WSJ Best-Selling Author. His expertise in the valuation and sale of privately-held businesses has given him a reputation for getting the job done quickly and quietly, at the right price. He has shown countless business owners how early access to comprehensive, easy to use information can be effectively applied to dramatically increase the value of their businesses.

He has decades of experience and is a recognized expert in business valuation and ownership transfer issues found in the private market. He is well known for his ability to easily navigate complex valuation and business sale issues.

Rich has owned and operated four businesses, and based his book on the knowledge acquired from over forty years as both a business owner and a hands-on ownership transition advisor. He has been an active member of the board of directors of many businesses, and has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience from his personal ownership of closely-held businesses over the years. Rich has had varied direct management responsibilities in public companies and private enterprises, in addition to proficiency in start-up companies and turnaround situations.

He has had a unique combination of experiences from counseling businesses in transition that prompted the development of the Priority Seminars and the specific educational materials found at Rich is a sought-after speaker on valuation and ownership transfer topics.

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