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Robert Sanborn

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Robert Sanborn lives in north central Massachusetts with his wife, Diana, their sweet-natured dog, Coco, the Brussels Griffon, their psychotic black cat Luna, the Devon Rex, Jason, the extremely talkative African-Grey Parrot, Angus, the cranky Quaker Parrot, Artemis, the cute-as-hell Java Finch, and two Parakeets named Sweetie and Sunny.

He spends a lot on pet food.

Oh, yeah. And a Crested Gecko Lizard named Gretel. Sheesh!

He is a survivor of Hodgkin's Lymphoma, diagnosed in 1993.

He has been clean and sober since September 24, 1991.

His first book, "In Your Dreams," was written and published in July, 2020, during the event which shall not be named, and between making deliveries to health care facilities as part of his day job. Not nerve-racking at all.