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Sallie Dawkins is a teacher, entrepreneur, and author with a powerful testimony of God's faithful love! She is passionate about seeing people healed and set free to enjoy abundant life in Christ.

A heart encounter with God in 2015 challenged Sallie's entire belief system. It was the beginning of the end of two-and-a-half decades of wavering faith and started her on a supernatural journey of discovery that rapidly transformed her life.

Sallie believes cultivating a deeper relationship with Jesus brought triumph over decades-long chronic pain and set her free from the frustration, doubt, and defeat of living under the influence of the enemy's lies.

This life-changing experience launched Sallie into ministry as an ordained Christian Healing Evangelist. She loves to challenge Christians to know God intimately so they, too, can live in victory. Teaching through testimony, Sallie answers questions Christians can't, don't, or won't ask in church. Her three-part Awakening Christian Series is a valuable tool for guiding believers into a more meaningful relationship with God.