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Samman Akbarzada

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I'm a female author from Afghanistan. Writing is my escape from a reality that gets hard to face sometimes. Working on projects such as writing novels and poems has become an indispensable part of my life. It is my weapon to support the silenced.

Through writing, I want to play my little part. I want to paint a picture of what I think the world should look like; how it should accept its collective responsibility to build nations where children are not victims of greedy warlords, where women do not have to fight to be seen as human beings, and where peace is real, tangible, and even palpable— not merely a wish on a shooting star. 

While living in the saddest country in the world, enduring and overcoming had to be innate. Writing is my gentle respite, it takes me far away from all that overwhelms me. Puts me in a flow state where I can pour my heart and bleed on ivory pages until it is good again and time to withstand