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Brand new young adult author writing anything between romance and action/adventure. Published my first book in January 2024. Find me on Instagram @sarahblynnewrites or my website

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your hobbies and interests.

I've been married for four years to my husband and best friend, Cody. I'm from Tacoma, Washington (borderline Federal Way) and went to Stadium High School. I may live in Washington, but I'm a California girl at heart. My hobbies include writing, reading, going on walks, swimming, trying different restaurants, cooking, smooth jazz music, playing board games or hanging out with my husband.

When and why did you start writing books?

I remember what it felt like to have a good story idea and wanting to put it on paper. I was 11 years old when I wrote my first book. It was about a girl stuck in a dreamcatcher and she had to fight off monsters from people's nightmares in order to get out. I loved watching superhero movies growing up, so that idea sprung to mind to write about.

What made you decide to tackle writing as a career?

I decided I really enjoyed writing stories and feeling like I was in that character's world, doing what they were doing and feeling what they were feeling. I wrote consistently through middle school and high school. Once I started working, life got in the way, and I stopped for many years. But I still had ideas I wanted to get out into the world, so I got back into it a couple years ago. The way I feel when writing hasn't changed.

Which one of your books or characters is your favourite?

So far, Carrie Moreno in Bloom. She says what needs to be said but also compassionate, loving, confident, and protective.

Which one of your books was the hardest to write and stretched you the most as a writer?

The one I'm currently working on! I want to start a superhero series, and it's been interesting narrowing down powers and abilities, as well as getting into the character's backstory in the first book.

Who is your favourite author and book?

That's a tough one...This is Falling by Ginger Scott, Waiting on the Sidelines by Ginger Scott, The Perfect Game by J. Sterling, or It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. All of them are fantastic books.

What book are you reading right now?

Almost Definitely Never by Lucy Day, and From A to Z by Jean Shelby. I also have The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty on my bookshelf to be read as well.

Where do you get your inspiration for your books?

Either real life experience, or Legend of Zelda video game series.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love going on walks, cooking, reading, writing (of course), playing video games, and spending time with my family and friends...and cat.

Do you have any new books in the works?

Yes! Working on an action/adventure/fantasy book that I'm hoping will turn into a series. I also have a "time travel" book idea of sorts that I will be working on fine tuning. More to come!



Seventeen-year-old Seth Harris is a lazy and angry high school senior who would rather spend his time writing than doing actual schoolwork. When he unexpectedly meets an equally unmotivated and rebellious Tessa Copeland and starts dating her, he has one goal: not to give up on his relationship, like his mother did to his father. That becomes easier said than done when he meets Marie Burn, a fellow writer, studious student, and a bubbly person. When he becomes closer to Marie, everything he was sure of is called into question. As Seth continues to deny his changing feelings, he has to make a choice. Will he do what he thinks is right, or will he follow his heart?