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Check out all things Scarlett Finn on her website: www.scarlettfinn.com Bestselling author of steamy romantic suspense and contemporary romance novels, Scarlett Finn loves to explore the mystery of love… and to throw in a good plot twist ;) Alpha heroes and strong, independent heroines lead the way through the drama and intrigue. Her raunchy novels jump into the action from page one and keep the reader on their toes all the way to the end. Laugh loud, dream dirty!   Website:https://www.scarlettfinn.com Get Scarlett’s books:https://books2read.com/ap/xo3dOG/Scarlett-Finn Radish:https://radish.app.link/1DMQOZgMGgb Twitter:https://twitter.com/finnscarlett FB:www.facebook.com/scarlett.finn.9 FB Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/ScarlettFinnatics/ BookBub:https://www.bookbub.com/authors/scarlett-finn Instagram:www.instagram.com/scarlett.finn BookSprout:https://booksprout.co/author/7332/scarlett-finn  Reading List:http://www.scarlettfinn.com/scarlett-finn-reading-list/  ~To Die For… Series~To Die for Truth (To Die For…, book 1)To Die for Honor (To Die For..., book 2)To Die for Virtue (To Die For..., book 3)To Die for Duty (To Die For..., book 4)  ~Kindred Series~Raven (Kindred, book 1)Swallow (Kindred, book 2)Cuckoo (Kindred, book 3)Swift (Kindred, book 4)Falcon (Kindred, book 5)Finch (Kindred, book 6)   ~Branded Series~Branded (Branded, book 1)Scarred (Branded, book 2)Marked (Branded, book 3)   ~Stone Investigations~Mistake Me Not (Stone Investigations, book 1)Sleight Mistake (Stone Investigations, book 2)   ~Risque Series & Harrow Duet*~Take A Risk (Risqué, book 1)*Fighting Fate (Harrow, book 1)*Risk It All (Risqué, book 2)Fighting Back (Harrow, book 2)Game of Risk (Risqué, book 3)   ~Exile~Hide & Seek (Exile, book 1)Kiss Chase (Exile, book 2)   ~Explicit Trilogy~WARNING: Not for the easily offended.Explicit Instruction (Explicit, book 1)Explicit Detail (Explicit, book 2)Explicit Memory (Explicit, book 3)   ~Go Series~Go With It (Go, book 1)Go It Alone (Go, book 2)Go All Out (Go, book 3)Go All In (Go, book 4) Go Full Circle (Go, book 5)   ~Wreck & Ruin Duet~Ruin Me (Wreck & Ruin 1)Ruin Him (Wreck & Ruin 2)   ~McDade Brothers Novels~All. Only. (A McDade Brothers Novel, #1)Only Yours. (A McDade Brothers Novel, #2)   ~Lost & Found Duet~Lost (Lost & Found, #1)Found (Lost & Found, #2)   ~Nothing to... Duet~Nothing to Hide (Nothing to..., #1)Nothing to Lose (Nothing to..., #2)   ~Contemporary Romance Standalones~Getting Tricky Maestro’s MuseThirteenXY Factor Heir’s AffairRemember When…    ~Romantic Suspense Standalones~Sweet SeasRescuedReluctant Suspicion   *Risqué and Harrow series are intertwined.