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--Originally from Ireland, I’m a writer, editor, and content creator based in New York. One St. Patrick's Day, I set off in search of an Irish-themed book on cats— as a gift for my friends who happen to be fond of felines. To my surprise, I couldn’t find anything. There was no choice but to set about writing such a book myself. “It couldn’t be that hard…” I reckoned. Well, it took far longer than I expected. Gradually, I gathered what I hope is an entertaining collection that should tell you all you’d like to know about “The Cats of Ireland.” Well, then people told me they really liked that Irish book. So, I set about writing another one, this time about "The Cats of America," that would explain how those darn kitties made their way into the heart of American society. Now, that "The Cats of America" is published people are telling me they enjoy its quirky insights, feline trivia, and great cat stories. So, encouraged by such a favorable response I am currently working on "The Cats