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Hi there and welcome to my page!

I was born in New Orleans, raised in Louisiana and New York, and now call Thomasville, Georgia, home. Four years ago, I left the practice of medicine, commuting between hospitals by helicopter, to pursue my dreams of writing and sailing alone around the world.

Both have been incredible learning experiences and have significantly changed the way in which I see myself and others. I had no idea of just how much was involved in writing a novel and then getting it published.

My solo circumnavigation is unique in another way. The weeks spent alone on the open ocean provide me with abundant opportunity to both meditate and write, more than I would ever have while on shore, with the many distractions that occupy all of our lives.

My other hobbies include: 1) Travel (I've been to over 300 nations, countries and islands, and my goal is to visit as many inhabited destinations as is possible, meeting the locals and experiencing their cultural traditions, music and food). 2) Aviation (I'm an avid pilot--although currently on furlough--and fly hang gliders, gyroplanes, helicopters, planes, and gliders). 3) Languages (I speak French and Spanish, and am relearning Dutch).

I'm now in the process of writing a sequel to "The Cerebranauts" series as well as an unrelated work, "The Safety Zone," romantic historical fiction which takes place in the Orient between the two world wars.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.