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Shawn Singleton, II

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Shawn Singleton, II is a 2021 CREA Award winner, Brainz Executive Contributor, Scribd featured speaker for leadership and mindset, published author of "Brick by Brick: Reshape Your Thinking", Certified Personal Trainer, and Cognitive Behavioral, Life, and Business Coach who has committed the last 14 years of his life learning what it takes to develop habits and the mindset to become successful in life, both personally and professionally.

Being raised without a father in a single-parent household forced him to mature quicker than most children. He used sports and his circumstances as an opportunity to learn how to become successful in life. It was this passion the allowed him to become the youngest member in his family to earn a six-figure income, and still remain married to the mother of their four children.

Being active in the community, inspiring, and investing in the youth through his CREA award winning company Reshape Your Thinking, Inc., is what he’s most known for while at the same time quickly rising the corporate ladder as a Security Engineer. Shawn has experienced, overcome, and understands almost every obstacle young adults face today regarding development. His past and future successes will help inspire others to build a strong foundation to lead their lives as the leaders they desire to become.