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Simon McCoy

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My name is Simon McCoy, I am the author of the To Live Outside The Law series of books that recount my real life adventures as an outlaw. If adventure and daring are your thing. If there is still a little bit of the rebel in you. You are going to love sharing these stories with me.

Bolivia Two ‘Finding my Mojo’ is my first book in the 'To Live Outside the Law' series of non fiction crime trilogies, an adventure that ran from the 1980's to the 2000's.

My stories take the reader from five-star hotels and penthouses in Europe, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific, to jungle kitchens in South America, rondavels in Africa and favelas in Brazil.

I was born in Lambeth, the heart of London’s east end, I joined the merchant navy after being expelled from grammar school at fifteen. I jumped ship at seventeen in New Orleans, hitchhiking across hippy America in the early seventies, the original gap year.

Married at nineteen, I got a mortgage, settled down and built a small group of companies in my twenties. The recession of the eighties unsettled me, and I decided the game was rigged.

I then spent most of the next four decades making up for lost time, having great adventures making and losing obscene amounts of money and searching for happiness in all the wrong places. Married twice with two children, I'm an ordinary bloke who’s led an extraordinary life. 

A practising Buddhist, I now live in the tropics.