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Guwahati, Assam

My name is Sohini Dutt, and I have graduated from the University of Delhi in the field of History. I am an alumna of Miranda House College and a merit holder in English. I belong to the state of Assam, from North-East India. I began my journey as a Word Press blogger more than a year back and with due course of time I earned myself an international reading audience. Consequently, I published my blogs as podcasts which have been streaming across major platforms including Spotify and Apple, under the title “Beguiling Creations”. I have successfully published three books which are mainly thrillers, the first being “The Cryptic Night of December”, followed by the crime fiction titled “The Strange Fanatic”, and the latest release, titled “The Ghastly Secret”. Additionally, I’ve had two publications in the anthologies titled “Delusions” and “Ecstasy”, published by “The Write Order” “Euphoria” by The Quill House. I have also taken part in several interviews and have an author website on BookBub, AllAuthor, Amazon Author Central and WordPress.

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The Ghastly Secret

The Ghastly Secret

New Adult Romance, Crime Fiction, Mystery, Historical Mysteries