Sonyah Tabarin

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Sonyah Tabarin was born in France, Paris, in 1981 to West Indies Parents.

Her parents divorced at a very young age. She grew up with her mother in a blended family and spent part of her school years in a private Catholic school. She obtained her high school graduation with honors.

Confident, she dreamed of being an executive in the import-export business. She soon realized that her academic background was not enough to get a job in her chosen career path.

Hiring discrimination is a reality that she was not ready to face.

Already weakened by a torment family context, she sank into a depressed state where her future seemed compromised.

Her friends will take over her needs for emotional support and will enroll her in another school program so that she could obtain a bachelor’s degree in Economic and Social Administration in Business Management.

Forced to work to support herself, it was with regret and frustration that she did not pursue a master’s degree.  Goodbye executive position…

She obtained a different position in remote prospecting or sales, with the feeling of a glass ceiling that she could not overcome despite her professionalism and her exemplary annual reports. Frustrated, she changed jobs without ever finding satisfaction or any promotion opportunities.

In 2009, she decided to become self-employed and to offer her services to the Social and Economic Committees of the Paris region.  n contact with staff representatives and their employees, she quickly became aware of this collective burnout that is poorly treated or even ignored.

Sonyah recognizes herself in this explosive cocktail, which reinforces her conviction of wanting to accompany employees and bring them a smile and empathy.

These experiences will be like a mirror effect that sends her straight back to her own anxieties. A necessary trigger that will force her to start some introspection on her own mental health condition.

Against all odds, she decides to take on a new challenge to break the glass ceiling and, above all, to overcome her chronic depression:

Quit everything, go abroad, learn English, and get her famous master’s degree.

At the age of forty, she returned to school and successfully obtained a master’s degree in Business & Administration with a major in Management Science & Quantitative Methods.

Now far from wanting to be an executive in a corporate office, she wishes to share her experience and continue the path of personal development.

Becoming an author and professional speaker is now the path found for this woman that nothing predestined to this life made of trials and tribulations and full of pitfalls.

Far from being alone in having suffered discrimination, depression, loneliness and feelings of devaluation and exclusion, Sonyah would like to share the possibility of healing your heart and soul with her generation and the one to come.

Her slogan:  “With nothing, everything is possible because I am all I need.”