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I was attracted to self-sufficiency from a young age as I spent most of my time outside. My self-sufficient journey started off innocent – I loved growing food that we couldn’t find in grocery stores! Over time, it turned into a passion for living how we were supposed to – in nature! I think that is especially important in today's day and age where people are so far removed from nature, spending all day in air-conditioned boxes typing away in front of a screen. Over time, people got richer and more stuff, so why aren’t we happier? I am almost certain that a simpler life is the solution to a lot of modern problems that we have now.

As I set upon my mission to live a self-sufficient life in nature, I quickly became frustrated at the sheer amount of questionable information online. I just didn’t know what to do or who to listen to! That’s why I started easygreenguides – a passion project of mine that makes living a simpler life, well… simple.