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Stephanie Allen

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My name is Stephanie J Allen, and I am a Conduit of Light between God and Earth. I am here to share my Knowledge and Wisdom with anyone who wants to learn how to do this for themselves.


I am not a writer nor a blogger. I am a woman who has achieved a level of consciousness through God that is available to anyone who wishes to receive it.


I started my Journey in 2005 and it began with a premonition about my life that has led me here. As a child I was severely abused. That abuse dictated every decision I have ever made in life, and when I began on this Journey my goal was to find self-love and acceptance. Those were not traits that existed in me, and I felt as though I deserved to have them.


So, I turned to God, and what I have learned has been so far from was taught to me in this lifetime. So much so that I walked away from all that I knew and began diving deep inside of myself to find my truth of life. To find a higher consciousness.