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Stephen H Sharp is an author from Belfast, Northern Ireland and has been involved in health and wellness for almost 20 years and has helped many people live their best life through his exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle expertise. He started his journey as a personal trainer, and with his success and desire to help more people, he has gone down the path of writing. He believes in the ultimate power of books to reach those that cannot be reached and wishes to share his knowledge to help everyone live a fulfilling and healthy life. He specialises in the realms of fasting for health, true human nutrition, exercise for the common man and woman, and natural athletes. He has also helped many people stop destructive habits with his realistic and specialised addition-breaking techniques, such as alcohol, smoking, binge eating and much more. He has ventured into the art of herbalism and holistic healing as he has seen what the pharmaceutical monopoly has done to people and wishes to offer a