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Suki Song

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Writing coach. She is the CEO of Song Suki Writing Center, which offers best-selling writing services, and Idea Virus, a marketing communication consultancy firm. She has 33 years of expertise in the business and marketing industry, including broadcast, magazines, publishing, internet portal sites for female, advertising agencies, and large enterprises. She has instructed people in writing that find a point of contact with clients in a business and daily life and elicits the required response through speaking and writing.

She worked as a marketing writing mentor for the self-employed in need of sales marketing in the Chosun Ilbo’s Cheer Up, My Neighborhood Stores campaign. At KAIST, she lectured on wording power training for undergraduate students and master’s and doctoral students and conducted writing workshops and seminars at corporations, government agencies, organizations, troops, and schools, including the SERI PRO video lecture ‘Professionals write like this’ and Gangnam-gu Office’s ‘Winning Writing Training Project (2017-2018).

Her books include numerous bestsellers and steady sellers such as The Secret of Harvard Writing, The Secret of Harvard Writing for Elementary School Students, How to Read Like Riches, Contents Business in the Fastlane, The Miracle of Transcription, All About Writing that Makes Money, The Best Job in My Life, If You Want to Be Good at Both Reading and Writing, Transcribe Right Now, How about writing your book from today?, and Marketing Writing to Tempt Customers.

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