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Here’s How You Can Make Life Easier, Safer, And Happier For Your Teen! The Problem: Raising a teenager in the era of fake news, social media dominance, and social unrest is quite a challenge. Not knowing how to help your teenager avoid common mistakes, deal with new problems, and navigate the stormy waters of our modern society is common – especially since most of us parents have been raised in a different society 10 or 15 years ago. The Solution: Kathy Wynne has created a comprehensive teen parenting book that offers anxious parents an easy-to-use guide for parenting teenagers. Based on years of research and experience, this complete teen parenting workbook allows you to gain an in-depth understanding of the adolescent psyche while offering you modern solutions for modern problems. Top 5+1 Key Takeaways From “The Ultimate Handbook For Parenting Teens.”✔️ Communication Is The Cornerstone Of A Healthy Relationship: Learn how to communicate better with your teen and build a long-lasting relationship based on trust. ✔️ School And Homework From Your Child’s Perspective: Understand how to help your teenager thrive in high school and deal with failing grades. ✔️ Friendship In The Time Of Social Media: Help your child understand the impact of toxic friends and learn how to protect your teen from social media dangers. ✔️ Your House, Your Rules? Understand why house rules are important in controlling, disciplining, and protecting a rebellious teen. ✔️ Dating And Romantic Relationships: Discover how to encourage open communication and understand teenage sexuality so you can be more supportive. ✔️ Money Management And Financial Literacy: Learn how to teach your teen about money management, discover simple budget tools, and help your teen become money smart.  “I Wish My Parents Had Taught Me Just Some Of The Concepts In This Handbook”It’s no wonder that this is the initial reaction of most parents who start reading “The Ultimate Handbook For Parenting Teens.”