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T.K. Perry

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T.K. Perry lives with her husband and daughter in a lovely Oregon forest filled with wildlife (there is probably a house, too, but that's less picturesque). When she isn't writing or watching said wildlife, she enjoys making jewelry, pretending to be a photographer, and trying to save the world (a frustrating task since she lacks both superpowers and a costume). T.K. received a B.A. in International Relations from Brigham Young University, an M.A. in International Politics from the University of Denver Josef Korbel School of International Studies, and a J.D. from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your hobbies and interests.

I'm a stay-at-home mom, writer, pro bono lawyer, birder, gamer, gardener, and jewelry maker (and a partridge in a pear tree).

When and why did you start writing books?

I started writing books in third grade for a school assignment. Mine was titled The Nosy KId, and I was perfectly delighted when my class thought it was funny.

What made you decide to tackle writing as a career?

I haven't. Writing is a lovely hobby and wonderfully cathartic, but the law is my profession.

Which one of your books or characters is your favourite?

Elissa Blue is my favorite as Elissa and I have many similarities. I made the same foolish mistakes and fumbled my way to happiness just as she did.

Which one of your books was the hardest to write and stretched you the most as a writer?

Delia White was the hardest to write as the main character is mentally ill and struggling to feel like a good person. That's a part of my life I don't often talk about. Writing it felt raw and forced me to relive some of the pain.

Who is your favourite author and book?

My favorite author and book are constantly changing things. At this moment, Janette Rallison is my favorite author, but my favorite book is Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones.

What book are you reading right now?

Seeds of Glory and Ruin by Melanie Cellier

Where do you get your inspiration for your books?

Cornelia Funke's Inkheart was the inspiration behind The Winged series. When she described her fairies as some having dragonfly wings and some having butterfly wings, I started thinking about how interesting it would be if a human had some of the biological oddities of insects and my mind just ran with it.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love to cook, take pictures of flora and fauna in my yard, and play Guild Wars 2.

Do you have any new books in the works?

I am currently working on Book Four in The Winged series and a cookbook.