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Tom Peine
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Born and raised in Germany, Tom Peine began his career in the finance industry, armed with a German education in banking. His life took a turn when he met his second wife, a natural-born American citizen, and emigrated to the United States at the age of 36. Trading his suit and tie for a badge and uniform, Tom embarked on an unexpected journey into law enforcement, becoming a Deputy Sheriff in Pima County, AZ, just shy of his 41st birthday. His nearly ten-year tenure in the force was marked by a myriad of experiences, from life on the beat to detective work and serving as the official spokesperson for the department. Tom's unique journey didn't stop there. He and his wife moved to Oregon and later temporarily returned to Germany, where he worked as a strategic outreach specialist for the U.S. Army's 7th Army Training Command. They returned home to the United States in 2020. Now, Tom is sharing his extraordinary journey in his memoir, "DWI - Deputy While Immigrant," offering readers an unfiltered look at American police culture through the eyes of a European immigrant.