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Dr. Tsvika Ben Porat, a lifelong learner with dual doctorates in Physics and Business Administration, intertwines over thirty years of expertise with a philosophy of understated leadership and nurturing mentorship. With a gentle touch in a world of robust technological innovation, Dr. Tsvika Ben Porat has woven over thirty years of experience into a tapestry of quiet leadership and thoughtful mentorship. His involvement in the tech industry, although significant, is but a part of his narrative. His children's books are crafted with a heartfelt intention to spark curiosity and joy in very young minds. Tsvika's books for children aim to lay the foundations of lifelong learning and discovery. They are filled with simple, yet profound narratives that resonate with the innocence and exploratory spirit of early childhood, encouraging little ones to dream big and look at the world with awe and possibility.tion with readers and fellow writers.