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I have published two books on Amazon so far, Catechism and Invocation. They are part of a series about Nick Ballard, a troubled psychic, and DCI Kate Garvey, an officer serving in the Metropolitan police force in London, who team up to solve murders. I suppose that I would describe these books as paranormal thrillers, although I am by nature a horror-writer, so there are elements of horror in these stories as well as the paranormal and police procedural genres. I will publish another book in the near future called Birth-Rite, which is a horror novel. This is both a homage to my own childhood growing up in the industrial north west of England and also a story about the eternal battle of Good versus Evil.

My reading habits normally veer to horror or thriller books. Like many others I have been inspired by writers such as Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Richard Matheson and James Herbert, to name but a few. I live in Cheshire, England with my wife and Bailey, our small, lovely dog.