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Nina Potter is a romance author and the creator of the Magic Matchmaker Agency series. She is a firm believer in a happily ever after and loves writing stories where her characters find true love.

Nina lives with her rescue dog Theo in a small seaside town. She enjoys plenty of seafood and takes long walks with her dog whenever she can. Writing is her passion, and she hopes to bring smiles to as many people as possible with her books. She writes stories about strong men and beautiful women who always find their Soulmate and a Happily Ever After with the help of a little Magic. Nina believes that everyone deserves their own happy ending, and she does her best to make that happen for her readers.

Nina's books are heartwarming tales of love that will make you believe in the power of happiness. With each story, she takes her readers on a journey to explore the magic of love. Her writing is enchanting and will leave you spellbound.

If you're looking for a bit of magic in your life, then Nina Potter is the author for you!