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Ilma Tiki

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Ilma was born in Lithuania just before the collapse of the Soviet Union. She started her career in the banking sector, where she saw how typical corporations operated and knew there had to be a better way. After banking, Ilma spent time in the art world, working with contemporary art collectors. Here she became more curious about the world and learned to trust her intuition. These experiences helped shape Ilma’s approach to business, which she used to spearhead MailerLite’s marketing efforts and create a global brand with more than a million customers. In 2022, MailerLite was sold for over 90 million USD. Today, Ilma balances her work as the COO of MailerLite with continuing to grow The Remote Company, a network of remote-first tech companies: Ycode, MyZenTeam, and Partnero. Ilma is an explorer, partner, mom, daughter, entrepreneur, friend and team member. She’s passionate about connecting people online or offline, bringing creativity to life and learning something new every day.