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Will Holcomb

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Will Holcomb is a bestselling author as well as a playwright and librettist, among other things. His four-part book 'The Infinite Jeff', explores questions facing both the individual and society/humanity. It takes a fascinating look at religion, human potential, education, corporate America, and so much more. He is currently editing part 4, the final part, of 'The Infinite Jeff' and is working on a rock opera, "An Unsafe Place: A Love Story". His first play, 'Shakespeare Rocks', was written for a youth troupe as a fun way to get them interested in Shakespeare. His second play, 'Clinically Un-Depressed', premiered in 2015 to sold-out shows and standing ovations. It was the highest-grossing show for Bastrop Opera House's 2017-2018 season. It explores the possibility of how lives could be transformed if we simply reacted differently to others.

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