Zakiya Raines

Zakiya Raines

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New York, New York

Hi, I am a highly creative person who enjoys making things. I love painting, writing, cooking, organic gardening and seeing and doing new things. To me, a book is a way to travel to another time and place.

I looked for books with interracial romance at the core, with unfolding and realistic storylines, and struggled to find them. It's why I decided to write realistic, romantic suspense with a buildup of concupiscence over time. I like a natural progression between a man and woman, leading to trust and unleashed desires.

I grew up in New York City and really enjoy city life, and all of its conveniences. I also love being in nature and escaping the city to relax. I love all animals and insects, and randomly, I love the smell of art shops and stationery stores.

I hope you enjoy my books.

I also enjoy feedback on my works, you can reach me on my website. :)

It's my name dot com ;)

Thanks for supporting me :)


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