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Red Panda Warrior, Jade Mountain

By Malina Douglas

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Tang Dynasty, 637 AD. When dragons were revered and some women became warriors...

Xiu has never left her village and can barely make dumplings, yet she finds herself in a secret training academy on the slopes of the Jade Mountain. When her destiny, inscribed in oracle bones, is revealed to her, she refuses to believe it. Put through rigorous training, Xiu must become a warrior, but her movements are clumsy and she is plagued by self-doubts.

As an army amasses to invade the Imperial city of Chang'An, Xiu and her elite corps of women warriors must ride into battle. Xiu will have to overcome her jealousy, face her fears, and discover her unique strengths, or her enemy will bring the mighty Tang Dynasty to ruin.

An empowering story of friendship and courage in a lush historical setting with a splash of the speculative. 

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ISBN: 9798201445034

Book Length: Novella – 60-150 Pages

Malina Douglas