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A Life for a Life

By Lynda McDaniel

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"A real treat, highly recommended for its
fine attention to both detail and the psyches of investigators who confront
themselves as much as the threat at hand." ~Midwest Book Review

Laurel Falls, N.C., 1985:
 I was done with being a crime reporter in
Washington, D.C., tired of all the violence. So I packed up and moved to the
small town of Laurel Falls, N.C. It looked like heaven to me—ancient mountains
brimming with tall trees and songbirds, peace and quiet. Until I found the body.

The sheriff took the easy path, calling it a
suicide. No way. I’d found that young woman, and I knew she hadn’t taken her
own life. I’d spent my whole career searching for the truth, and I wasn’t about
to stop now. Trouble was, without my usual sources, how much of a murder investigation
could I pull off?

But a special kid lived next door. Abit Bradshaw,
a teenager struggling to find his rightful place in the world. Hey, I knew all
about that. I’d never fitted in either, but eventually I’d found something I
was good at. I figured he just needed a chance too.

And he got one when we teamed up to solve that
crime. Along the way, we sure met some interesting characters—both bad and
good. We had a plan, and we worked it hard to find that killer before we became
the next victims.

Looking back, I should’ve known plans rarely pan
out the way you think. ~Della Kincaid

You'll love this suspenseful story because who
doesn't dream of second chances?

Find out why critics and readers are praising
Lynda McDaniel's unique voice in mystery novels.

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A Life for a Life is the first novel in the Appalachian
Mountain Mysteries series by award-winning author Lynda McDaniel. If you like
atmospheric settings, fascinating characters, and suspenseful investigations,
you'll love this series. Find out why critics and readers are praising Lynda
McDaniel's unique voice in murder mystery novels.

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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

Lynda McDaniel