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Horseback Riding + Rock Climbing for Beginners: 2 in 1 Adventure Value Set Your Complete Set to Becoming a Professional in Horse Riding and Rock Climbing

By Adeola Omoyele

$2.99 (Please be sure to check book prices before buying as prices are subject to change)

you need to know about your 2 in 1 Adventure Value Bundle”

Book 1: Rock Climbing for Beginners

Book 2: Horseback Riding for Beginners

this Bundle, you will discover:

Basic terminologies in climbing

Various climbing techniques

How to train in readiness for climbing

How to transition into outdoor climbing

How to understand your Horse

How to prepare for a ride

Different riding styles

And much more…….

The step-by-step training in this book is so easy to follow
that you will have success with it even if you have failed at every other
hobbies you’ve tried.

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Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages