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Something in the Water Book One: Drowning

By Dean Comyn

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A missing scientist with a deadly discovery.
An unknown organisation with a global agenda.
And 'Not-Yet Detective' Charles Burns, who was supposed to start on Monday...

Something in the Water Book One: "Drowning" follows Charles Burns and a newly formed major crimes task force with the Metropolitan Police in real time, as they race to find a missing scientist and stop his deadly discovery from becoming a weapon against humanity.
Burns was playing ice hockey, like he did every Friday night, when he got the call to action.*
A brilliant young scientist and his revolutionary discovery have disappeared. Little is known about the scientist, but his work has attracted the attention of more than just the Health Ministry.
Dr Nicholas Veda believed he could prevent the deaths of millions with a potent new vaccine and radical mass-delivery method. But something went wrong on the way to saving the world, and the formula has a fatal flaw. Now, an unknown organisation plans to weaponise it.
Veda vanished from the Opera House about the same time Burns was driving to the Ice Palace to play hockey. Vanished.
Has he been kidnapped or is he complicit in a terrorist plot to commit mass murder? Or did he just sneak off with his date?
Burns and Major Crimes Unit 2 have their first mission: find the scientist and his deadly discovery before it becomes a WMD. Burns and the Unit must act quickly and quietly, and MCU2 has been put together to do just that: Act quickly, under the direct authority of The Home Office, and quietly, to avoid a panic spreading through the media. But there is little time before that, or worse, happens.
The action takes place over a weekend, following Burns from London to Estonia and Iceland as he races to find the scientist and stop the creation of a weapon of mass destruction.

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ISBN: 978-1704361215

Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages


Dean Comyn