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Too Stupid to Fail: Why the Resilient Will Always Beat the Intelligent

By Dr. Stephen Crawford

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Too Stupid to Fail is an examination of the elements that shape the social conditioning that keeps people trapped in false narratives and self-destructive patterns. This book explores the power that rejection, acceptance, and our reaction to each have on the perception and experience of successful living. It examines the effects self-consciousness, doubt, and anxiety have on one’s ability to succeed and achieve their goals. Dr. Crawford outlines his journey as he connects the dots to why some leaders achieve high levels of success while others have prolonged periods of struggle. Then he shares the secrets will empower you to follow the milestones that go from concept to reality. The journey starts with adopting the right mind set which is called the battle of the head, then having the courage to develop the emotional fortitude referred to as the battle of heart, and finally establishing the will to act which is the battle of the hands. By challenging and eventually overcoming these barriers, one will gain confidence leading to success in both personal and professional settings.

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ISBN: 9781665714778

Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages