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DEEP INTO THE MIND: Through the subconscious up to the unconscious, Perceive The Consciousness, Program Your Mind For Wealth, Once You Accept, The Miracle Happens

By Surajit Sarkar

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Once you accept, the miracle happens.

Who doesn’t want to achieve a prosperous, wealthy, peaceful, and evergreen life? Actions follow the path that diverts us from reaching the goal. If the right person takes the right action at the right timethe goal is achievable.

Success, money, fame or happiness are values. You use the money to validate wealth or service. It would be best to recognize that money is the value that is a return to your action. It is the transformed form of the energy you apply in your action.

"To perceive this super consciousness, you must have an entrance to the zero frequency state."

This book is a short story of a fantastic person with unique, extraordinary knowledge of human life.

He says, "As you know, we may not notice something with our binocular vision; our peripheral vision does that. In the same manner, our conscious mind may ignore an incident; our subconscious mind sees that. One step further, you can say nothing is unseen by our unconscious mind. As we can increase the area of our peripheral vision through exercise, we can gain the skill to recall memories from our unconscious mind."

We often meet people with extraordinary qualities in our day-to-day life. Some of them amaze us with their exceptional knowledge. Even a simple fact may explore a whole alternative universe in front of us with their unique explanation. Mr Anand, with his vast knowledge of science, religion, psychology, and history, is a person of this domain. A wonderful personality I have ever met. I was introduced to this amazing person by Joy Malhotra, one of my friends. We used to meet him in the evening to listen to him.

In such an evening, Joy raised an unusual topic about his dream. Naturally, we ignore this type of incident and forget it. But the explanation Mr Anand gave forced me to brood over the matter. This book is a narration of Mr Anand’s explanation. There is an urge in this story to rethink what we already may know. I hope readers will enjoy the story.

Mr Anand says, "We make several new decisions and take further actions in our day-to-day lives. The day passes by, and we forget it. We can not remember the process behind it because we did not repeat the process. Considering those recent actions as a newly learned skill, we can look into how we took action. Once we repeat the operation numerous times in our mind, we learn it. It becomes our experience."

"If we could remember every action we had taken, our lives would have been more productive and straightforward. If we could find out the fear that stopped us, achieving the desired goal would have been just a matter of time."

Thus, the book is written with some unique ideas of Mr Anand. I hope you will like it.

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Surajit Sarkar