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Cure Bound: A Dark Vampire Romance

By M.L. Philpitt

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Magic-less and descended from the Sinclair coven, I’m nothing but the cure to vampirism. Vampires have hunted my family for centuries and I’m no exception. My dark captor claims to not want my blood…for himself. He’s the devil incarnate, but I can’t bring myself to completely despise him. Not when he tempts me so.

I vowed to wipe out the entire Sinclair coven after one of theirs took what mattered most to me. She’s all that’s left. Driven by centuries of hate and a long-standing vow, I strike the deal: sell her blood in exchange for her life. It should be simple, until fate intervenes. But then, fate no longer matters...not when my growing feelings toward her outweigh my vow.

Cure Bound is the first book in The Witches’ Bind Trilogy. Cure Bound reads as a standalone, but the trilogy should be read in order due to the overarching series plot. Cure Bound is a dark vampire romance with content some readers may find triggering. Trigger warnings include dubious consent, explicit sexual content, kidnapping, physical violence, swearing, attempted rape, and death.

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ISBN: 978-1-7774731-0-5

Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages