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Grand Theft Auto: The NYPD’s Auto Crime Division (Tell All NYPD Books)

By Vic Ferrari

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You might be surprised to learn: crime does pay, especially auto theft. During the 1990s, New York City was averaging over a hundred thousand vehicle thefts a year. New Yorkers accepted their fate, frequently finding empty parking spaces where their vehicles were parked the night before. Victims called the police, who took theft reports without offering much hope they would ever see their car again. The NYPD's Auto Crime Division is a hundred and twenty-member unit created to combat auto theft, stopping those who roam the streets at night looking to steal your vehicle. Detectives working round the clock chased professional car thieves, junkies, and mobsters throughout the five boroughs to turn the tide on a plague that engulfed New York City. When I decided to write this book, I realized there might be some who will use it as a guide to aid them in the world of auto theft. On the other side of the coin, I knew it would provoke readers to recognize criminal activity that may have gone undetected for decades. Finally coming to the conclusion the good outweighed the bad, I forged ahead, night after night, finger to keyboard, attempting to remember stories from my days as an NYPD detective assigned to the Auto Crime Division. It brought back memories of chop shops, vehicle pursuits, sophisticated scams, NYPD politics, and a cast of characters that made up the NYPD's Auto Crime Division. Retired NYPD detective Vic Ferrari delves into a world everyone's heard about, but few are privy to the details. Most Americans have been the victim of some form of auto crime or know someone who has been. What they don't know is why, how, or who stole their vehicle or what happens to it after it disappears. In these pages, I peel back the curtain, exposing the nuts and bolts of the operation. Would you believe a pair of nuns stole Mother Superior’s car to go on a shopping spree in the Bronx? Or the double-dealing confidential informant who helped recover Mike Tyson's stolen motorcycle minutes before it was shipped out of the country? What about the diplomat's shady husband who drove around Manhattan in a stolen Mercedes? Or the silver-tongued three-hundred -pound car thief who managed to stay one step ahead of the law? If you enjoyed: NYPD: Through the Looking Glass: Stories From Inside America's Largest Police Department or The NYPD's Flying Circus: Cops, Crime & Chaos, then you'll enjoy this backstage pass to the exciting world of auto crime.

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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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