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Undertakers Inc. In Paris...

By JC Compton

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Can these rebellious vampires enjoy a peaceful life now away from the court of England? Certainly not!

In this second book of the Undertakers Inc. series, Cyril dives into the exciting but treacherous gay nightlife of Montmartre and meets a handsome and mysterious libertine. Meanwhile, a string of recent murders of children occurs by a man calling himself the "Mad Hatter." Seemingly every vampire could have a connection.
In Hong Kong, Shen abandons Holly to return with his mistress, but the feisty young woman won't let him get away with it. After training as a martial artist, Holly—now going by Lan—returns to Paris to find Shen, but she is kidnapped by her father and finds herself tied up with two handsome Egyptian mind benders who have other plans for her.

Murder, mystery, and heartbreak—enter the dizzying world of bohemian Paris!


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