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Self-Health Fix: How to Stop Being a Forever Patient and Start Taking Charge of Your Well-Being - PLUS Your Personal Health Rating Scale

By Rosalind Ferry

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How to Take Charge of Your Health and Make the Most of the Medical System

When it comes to their health, some people seem to be forever patients. You probably know one: they never appear to recover fully or even believe that this is possible. Doctor’s appointments are a regular part of their life. Maybe you can see a little of yourself here?

Constant pain and nagging irritations can stop you from leading the full, free life you deserve. If you have lost faith in your body’s ability to heal and expect little from the health system other than another prescription drug or Band-Aid, then Self-health Fix is for you.

Award-winning and bestselling author Rosalind Ferry knows this vicious cycle all too well. A career health professional, she recalls returning to work at a hospital out-patient clinic and being shocked to see several patients she had treated seven years earlier — for the same conditions! They had been programmed to remain victims of their own low expectations. This affirmed her belief that we must learn to care for our bodies and have a plan for keeping them in tip-top shape, just as we would our finances and relationships.

When you read Self-health Fix you’ll discover that:

  • We cannot depend on the overworked health system alone for an improvement in our well-being
  • You don’t have to stay locked into a state of perpetual sub-par existence because of bad luck or poor genetics
  • Other people like yourself have successfully tackled chronic health problems
  • The mental and spiritual benefits of keeping in good shape are as important as the purely physical ones
  • You can revitalize your physical and emotional conditioning by employing everything from time-honored techniques to the latest medical research
  • You have more power and control over your health than you might think

What’s Your Health Rating?

Ferry has developed a comprehensive Personal Health Rating Scale covering 20 important areas of your life such as pain, strength, bowel & bladder, and weight. By rating your current level and tracking changes over time you’ll be able to pinpoint which aspects of your life need attention.

Self-health Fix goes even further by offering practical bite-size tips, resources, and simple daily actions to help kick-start your self-health journey and increase your Personal Health Rating one day at a time.

Order your copy of Self-health Fix today and reclaim your health!



Book Length : Novella – 60-150 Pages
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