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A December with a Duke: A Regency Romance (Seductive Scoundrels Book 3)

By Collette Cameron

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He’s entirely the wrong sort of man. That’s what makes him so utterly right.

a horrific marriage, widow Everleigh Chatterton is cynical and leery of
men. She rarely ventures into society, and when she must, she barely
speaks to them. As a favor to a friend, she reluctantly agrees to attend
a Christmas house-party. Unfortunately, Griffin, Duke of Sheffield is
also in attendance. Even though Everleigh has previously snubbed him,
she can’t deny her attraction to the confident, darkly handsome duke.

almost a year, Griffin has searched for the perfect duchess to help
care for the orphan he’s taken on. He sets his sights on the exquisite,
but unapproachable Everleigh Chatterton after her sweet interactions
with the child impress him. He is convinced he can thaw her icy exterior
and free the warm, passionate woman lurking behind the arctic facade.
Only, as Griffin pursues her, it’s his heart that’s transformed.

Everleigh learn to trust and love again? Will Griffin get his Christmas
wish and make her his bride? Or, has he underestimated her wounds and
fears and be forced to let her go?

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Collette Cameron