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Wooed by a Wicked Duke

By Collette Cameron

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He’s betrothed…but not to the woman who holds his heart

She’s hiding from the past…

to put the shame of her father’s disgrace behind her, Jessica Brentwood
is determined to be the epitome of decorum and propriety her first
London Season. All is well until she’s discovered naked in the arms of a
notorious rake, Crispin, the wicked Duke of Bainbridge.

thoroughly compromised—through no fault of her own—Jessica refuses the
enigmatic nobleman’s obligatory marriage proposal. She’d rather face
certain scorn and ridicule than be forced into a marriage of
convenience. Or rather, inconvenience.

He’s avoiding his future…
since childhood, Crispin has no interest in wedding the woman he’s
expected to marry before Season’s end. The lovely country miss, Jessica
Brentwood, holds the key to his heart, though he’s never hinted at his
feelings for her.

When they are the victims of a cruel hoax,
Crispin isn’t at all unhappy that he’ll have to break his unwanted
betrothal to marry Jessica. Except, his betrothed isn’t willing to
release him from their agreement, and the vengeful villains who
conspired to ruin Jessica and Crispin aren’t finished plotting mayhem.

can he convince Jessica his rakehell’s reputation is mostly conjecture
and that he’s adored her from afar? Dare Jessica believe the scoundrel
who swears he’s not a rogue and vows he wants to protect her?

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