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By Robyn Roze

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She's in the crosshairs of a killer. Again.

Kat's love life and career are going gangbusters. That's saying something for a woman who's always put her business ambitions first. So why the dread curling deep in her belly, now?

When Kat uncovers shocking family secrets, the kind that put her and the people she loves in the crosshairs of a killer, she discovers her life in one of New York's elite families has been a lie. Even worse, her own family covered up the gruesome scandal decades earlier that nearly killed her.

Now, a deadly grudge has resurfaced, and Kat's life is on the line. Can she survive the same killer twice?

Author Note: HellKat is a fusion of opposites attract romance with a high-octane heroine, treacherous family drama, and deep sibling rivalry.

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  • ISBN: 0996144579
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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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