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The Classy Detective Agency: A Lou FLeener Mystery (Lou Fleener Mysteries Book 4)

By Duane Lindsay

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In Duane Lindsay’s latest action-packed noir thriller, private eye Lou Fleener does what he does best: wisecrack, roam his beloved hometown, and get into a hell of a lot of street fights. It’s 1960 in glamorous Chicago, and Lou and his wife Cassidy (turned sardonic, ever-scheming partner in crime), are broke. In need of fast cash, they devise a scheme to advertise themselves as sophisticated private eyes catering to the city’s elite.

But it turns out they aren’t the only ones running a con. Whip-smart as they are, they aren’t prepared for the stealthy criminals hiding among Chicago’s rich and famous.

While hobnobbing at a fancy party, the Classy Detectives catch the eye of a bored socialite who’s cooking up a scheme with a genius art thief. The conspirators are casing a local exhibit that’s chock full of famous, lucrative paintings. But the larcenous pair need a fall guy: they figure that if they put an appropriate suspect in the right place at the right time, they can breezily lift the loot.

So they hire Lou and Cassidy to “guard” the paintings. The Classy Detectives are over the moon: they think they’ve been hired to eat hamburgers and hang out outside the museum.

One dead cop later, they realize they’ve been set up. Quicker than you can say, “Go Cubs!” Cassidy’s arrested. Even worse, the headline LOU FLEENER: COP KILLER is plastered across newspapers and blaring out of radios. Only too obviously, this is the time to concoct Plan B—and thereon hangs a rollicking tale.

Fans of Donald Westlake will revel in the clever twists and turns and sardonic humor. But mystery fans of every persuasion will love Lou Fleener. Cozy readers will adore the romance, the snappy jokes, and Lou’s spitfire wife Cassidy. There’s also enough fast-moving action for hard-boiled fans, and a quirky brand of noir that will appeal to classicists looking for the next Raymond Chandler.


  • ASIN: B08Z5J8BQM

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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