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Such Vague Connections

By Dave Catchpole

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Carter Davison has time on his hands, a few bob in his pocket, and a burning desire to improve the lives of his chums. Whether they like it or not!

He is fascinated by the idea of the “six degrees of separation”. So he initiates a strategy.

What begins as a “what if I did this, this and this” series of casual wonderings is implemented one small step at a time.

Facebook it is. Carter is a watcher. A flaneur. An observer of 21st century human interaction in microcosm.

A selection is made. Five pals who, he feels, could do with a surreptitious helping hand. One at a time, Carter involves them in a series of devious scenarios.

But the road to Hell is, as we know, paved with good intentions. The road to heaven is much the same. If only Carter knew it.


  • ASIN: B09KMBQ68H

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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