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The Secret Empire: The Hidden Truth Behind the Power Elite and the Knights of the New World Order

By Dan Desmarques

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The world keeps changing extremely fast, but either in times of abundance or scarcity, under persecution or with the control over mankind, many have prospered. And they did so by looking at the patterns of the world in which we live and with the understanding of such patterns.At the top of this social hierarchy, warlords, totalitarian regimes, kings and queens, through their secret organizations, planned wars that changed the world in specific directions. And all of them claimed to do this in the name of their country, religion, God and even freedom.However, their hierarchies led to the creation of secret societies but also secret governments and secret agendas, kept away from the general public and discussed in secrecy and in secret meetings. These secrets led to the accumulation of power in many realms of life. In fact, many of the greatest criminals in human history, remain alive and well to this day, still exercising positions of power and great influence in different countries.This best selling book will show you the facts behind the real history of the world. For the first time ever, many conspiracies are connected and explained in a way that will challenge even the most willing believers. Because the truth is indeed more incredible than many would assume it to be.This book has been in the best selling charts of Amazon for more than eight years in a row, although previously published under other titles, and there have been many attempts at removing it from the market, but if you found it, you are now presented with an unique opportunity to see what you were never taught in school or allowed to know.The information presented here is based on a research that has taken more than twenty years to develop. And, for this reason, it resumes a vast amount of complexity in the best way possible.The awakening that reading this book will cause you, will certainly lead you to a great moment of understanding in your life.

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ISBN: 978-1953274052

Book Length: Novella – 60-150 Pages