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The Awakening: How to Turn Darkness Into Light and Ascend to Higher Dimensions of Existence

By Dan Desmarques

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For thousands of years, from the most ancient civilizations of Egypt and India, to the last centuries of studies on alchemy, many have tried to describe the transitions of matter into the realms of higher beings.This transmission of knowledge, known as the secrets of ascension into the world of the gods, was later converted by other religions as a dogma, a belief, in heaven, as being a separated state from that of the Earth.However, the purpose of those teachings was to educate the masses on the steps of the spirit towards its own purification, in order to convert that which is above through that which is below. It was concluded that this transmutation of a whole world is only possible when we, the inhabitants of such a world, transcend our human form. In other words, we bring heaven to earth when we, the earthly beings, convert into heavenly beings ourselves.This is done through the transformation of the mind and the structure of the spirit, which must be guided by the right values and concepts, in an understanding of our correlation with the physical world. For soul and personality, as spirit, must become one.Now, if the world of the spirit becomes invisible to the mind, indeed, the mind will perceive that world as a heaven, dissociated from the physical world of Earth. It is only when one merges the two by expanding his awareness of the laws of the physical and spiritual worlds, that he is able to ascend while still in physical form.This process is known in some circles as alchemy, But alchemy alone, as a study, becomes nothing more than theory, if not applied to the molecules and atoms of our body.This process or ritual, is called integration of a sparkle into the fire, the merging of the heart of the human with the heart of God, the symbiosis of consciousnesses by the one dominated by his ego into the One who encompassing all life.It is this old and secret knowledge, that this book proposes to embrace and share, while describing exactly how this Light can be comprehended and applied, as an extension of the Will of the Divine.

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Dan Desmarques