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How to Control Your Mind: Learning to Defeat Your Demons and Overcome Your Thoughts

By Robin Sacredfire

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“Another me jumped to my brain when I was listening to him, ‘no, you cannot. Other people can because they are strong but you are weak’. I can even feel the weakness and nearly cry in front of people. I run out of the restaurant".Most people feel that they have a battle occurring inside themselves. When one side of this battle is being lost they feel depressed, helpless and weak, as in the situation previously described to me.What they can’t see is that they can’t ever win this battle on their own.While their inner conversations may lead them to feel that they’re not alone, and are powerful in life, the outcome is never in their favor.The difficulty in helping individuals releasing themselves from these voices is particularly related to what caused such voices to manifest in the first place.Usually, it’s related to a rejection felt inside the family or by one of the family members, being the relation between mother and son or father and daughter the most important.This manifestation can also occur in other situations in which the victim feels powerless towards life.The voices, however they are interpreted, arise with a perfect knowledge of the subconscious of the individual. And, although modern science experts may be tempted to say that it’s the individual that produces his own secondary voice or that it occurs only inside his brain, the obvious failure of psychiatry in solving this type of illness, the lack of answers in psychology, and the shockingly violent treatments proposed for these situations, should seem clear enough in showing us that we can’t trust the so called scientific interpretations.Less known are other approaches that have actually produced more results than psychiatry, even though their theories are less accepted by the majority, due to misunderstandings related to the purpose of the mind and the unbelieving attitude towards the possible existence of a soul, spirits, angels or demons.In the following chapters we shall careful describe the main differences between all these cases, while demonstrating why the results of psychiatry are false assumptions of any cure.It’s advisable, nonetheless, that the reader may conduct his own researches in all of what is mentioned, because most of what is about to be described is being hidden from the public, due to threats of accusations in court and the fact that any claim of cures against the practices of mainstream medicine can be interpreted as a crime and punishable by law, despite obvious proves of the results obtained.Many practitioners with results near to 100% success have been persecuted, murdered or arrested for their claims and practices, despite the amount of witnesses attesting and proving the results publicly.The deeper the reader goes in the quest for his own salvation the more he will be aware of how complex our world is and how difficult it is to find a cure to this, very common, problem, of learning how to control our mind.

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