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The Spiritual Revolution: A New Explanation on Spiritual Consciousness, Reincarnation and Soul Awakening

By Robin Sacredfire

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What is the purpose of life and religion? And how should we live and make choices in life? How can we know the right path to take along the road of our experience? In this book you will get answers to all these questions and much more. This book addresses the topic of the global awakening in a more realistic and pragmatic manner, by explaining exactly what it means from different angles and for different people. Here, you will learn from the author, how to analyze life in a more profound way, and with more accuracy. This book will also show you how to act smarter, by helping you make better decisions.Although the topics mention many issues with which most people struggle, they are presented with a straightforward honesty, without room for any doubts, and are based on the personal experience of the author and the people he met. And so, you can learn to think more effectively, by looking at you current situation in life through the light of this wisdom. For this book is not like any other, in the sense that it offers you a realistic and factual perspective that can be proven by life experience itself. Hopefully, you will never again be the same person after reading it.

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ISBN: 978-1677819386

Book Length: Short Story – 0-60 Pages