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Sleep Smarter

By Zoe McKey

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Do you feel powerless, impatient, and annoyed during the day? Do you struggle falling asleep so you wake up utterly exhausted? If you never get enough sleep and have no energy… This book is for you! Sleep Smarter unravels evening habits that help you save energy, organize your upcoming day, develop good health and sleeping routines, and become less stressed. This book will help you to unwind at late hours, improve your morning activity, lose weight, and most importantly, sleep well. It provides you with the most potent and effective habits to re-organize your day and eliminate unfinished businesses that keep you up at night. Do you want to make better use of your evening hours, and sleep like a baby after a well-managed day? Read Sleep Smarter and start transforming your life starting tonight! Learn the best, techniques and exercises that help you sleep faster, deeper, and better. •Feel more energized throughout your day. •Adopt a health-preserving lifestyle. •Have restful and refreshing sleep. •Overcome decision fatigue. •Plan tomorrow like a professional. The key to daytime success is nothing more than a good night's sleep. •Learn to create a cozy environment for better sleep. •Tips and exercises that make your sleep more restful. •How to involve your family in your evening chore. •Evening nutrition and physical activity tips. •Step-by-step exercises in each chapter. Say goodbye to sleepless nights whether because of bad sleeping habits, whether because of a bad conscience. This book will guide you to plan your day better, finish all your tasks, go to bed without regrets and sleep restfully.

Book Length : Novella – 60-150 Pages
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